The Guide: Not So Matchy Matchy

If there's anything I appreciate, it's a well put together and cohesive outfit. I don't know about you, but I just have a warm feeling inside whenever I see someone who can mix and match colors and patterns well. Do that, and you will have been on my best dressed list for sure. You know what I don't approve of as much, though? Those who take matchy matchy a little bit too seriously.

You've seen them: those who wear white shirts with white shoes, those who sport the same color watch strap as their hats, those who couple red belts with red get the drift. At one point in my life, I will admit to having done this debauchery, but thankfully I've seen where I went wrong: Wearing too much of a certain color makes you look like you're wearing a sports uniform. At your age, bruh, you gotta man up and outgrow your color coordinating game!

The best way to do this is to use a second or third color in your outfit to break the overly coordinated approach. Think of it as a pop color or one that will bring the loud colors of your outfit down. Think contrast, think different, and yet, think complimentary. Some colors, no matter how hard you try, are just not meant to be. Others, though, are like a match made in style heaven. There are countless combos out there, but to get you going, here are some examples of great men who know their colors damn well. Observe and put your own twist, why don't you?

Red and caramel brown are destined for each other. The shirt's a nice addition too.

A bevy of colors and patterns seamlessly coming together

He could've easily worn black shoes to match the tie, but thankfully didn't!

Photos courtesy of Wear Palettes and The Sartorialist


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