The Happening: My First Garden Wedding!

Unlike most men, I happen to love being invited to weddings. You see, I am quite the sentimental at heart. I enjoy the vows, the reception recap videos, and the artful pictures from the preparations done during the morning of the big day. Of course, I love it too because we all get a chance to dress our best.

My friend Mickey and Micki's (yes, they have almost the same name) quaint garden wedding was no different. Everyone came dressed to the nines, and while every man chose to wear ties, I went ahead and rocked my favorite red bow tie. Throw in the odd jacket and the air socks and I would have to say I was pretty satisfied at how it all came together. Anyhow, onto the more important things: Congratulations, you two! I always knew it would come to this!

Blazer (Heritage 1981), Oxford Shirt (Gap), Bow Tie (Joey Samson)
Slim Trousers (Topman), Tasseled Loafers (Bass)

As they say in the noontime show, "CONGRATULATIONS!" Such lovely, lovely stuff!


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