The Art: The Sartorialist's Book

Scott Schuman is a genius. For those who know better, the man behind the ultra successful "The Sartorialist" blog is a true visionary, one who started this whole notion of "street style" and made it the most addicting thing to look at. Imagine, from his little idea of taking photos of people's looks on the street to where he is now? Man, the dude's made it in a big, big way.

To chronicle his journey so far, Mr. Schuman published his ever book, featuring the best of the best he's ever snapped. Needless to say, I've been relentlessly searching for my own copy, with all leads turning up dry. Good thing my new officemate had one herself. I borrowed it for the night to just browse and gawk at the awesomeness, but all it's done really is intensify my longing. That said, does anybody know where in the blue hell I could find one locally? Please?


cholo dela vega said...

Got a text from Fully Booked couple of weeks ago that they already have this in stock :)

Styles I Love said...

Nice! I'll be on the lookout. Thanks for the heads up, Cholo!

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