The Happening: Adidas x Star Wars Launch!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Star Wars. I first saw it way back in the mid 90s in its remastered form and really, all it took was a few minutes into "A New Hope" to know that it'd be one of my fave sagas of all time. Now, as a grown man, I have no problems admitting this infatuation. That's why I came running when I heard Adidas was releasing its limited edition collab with the well-loved brand.

The force is strong in these babies

In the same manner with which other places in the world were introduced to the line, the event featured the appearance of legendary Sith Lord extraordinaire, Darth Vader, surrounded by his entourage of clone soldiers and storm troopers. I know the guys in the suits probably don't know jack shit about Star Wars, but to a full-fledged nerd like me, it was a real surreal moment for sure.

A clone trooper throwing up a gang sign? That's wassup.

Lord Vader enjoying the festivities.

Onto the most important part of the event, though. The clothes were nicely put together, especially the shirts which had the storm trooper and Darth Vader designs on them (see below). I loved a particular hoodie too with the Adidas Originals logo lit up by a picture of the legendary battle between Luke Skywalker and his dear papa Vader. As for the sneakers, yeah, they were fine for what they are, but quite honestly, the apparel were the true stars of this galaxy.

Gotta love that black storm trooper shirt!

Coming from a practically lifelong fan, I'm quite satisfied with the first installment of this awesome collaboration. With several more design options having not been utilized or released locally, I'm excited for what this partnership has in store. What I love most about it is that they didn't use any of that bogus Episode 1-3 crap on their visuals. As long as we have that in order, I'd fully recommend all you earthlings to go to your nearest Adidas outlets and switch over to the dark side of the force today!

The storm troopers like 'em, I'm pretty sure you will too!


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