The Brand: Sebago

I just love it when a brand makes shopping easier by putting all the stuff you love together in one place. In case you didn't know, a brand called Sebago has been doing it, way back when your grandpa was still a strapping young man on the prowl. Started in 1946 with only their penny loafers to show for, the company has come a long way, now offering all the kinds of shoes I love, from Docksides (their version of boat shoes) to tasseled loafers to even sweet high-tops.

Needless to say, with all the recent attention, the brand's been focusing on their Docksides the most. I recently wrote about their colored Dockside laces, but apart from these, they have a plethora of colors and materials to choose from. My personal favorite would have to be the cordovan leather boaties. Gotta love that blood red color!

Their penny loafers aren't shabby too. They've been making them for more than 60 years now after all, so that's to be expected. Just like the legendary Bass pennies, they have different models with varying shapes and penny slots too. And don't worry too much about the price. When it comes to the damage, I can confidently say they're worth every "penny" (so sorry).

As you will see, Sebago's not all about boat shoes and penny loafers. Take a gander at their tasseled loafer interpretations and you'll see what I'm talking about. That nubuck option is quite the looker, and I say this despite already having a black Bass pair in my life. As for those high-top shoes, which look to be a boot and boat shoe fusion, well, it's certainly more universally beautiful than any done-to-death Nike Dunks you see everywhere.

It's settled then. Every time I visit the mall, Sebago's always to be up there when it comes to must-visits. Putting together an impressive lineup which rivals Sperry, Bass, and to some extent, Timberland all in one store? I wish for nothing more than more branches of this much celebrated brand. Paging somebody in power, let's make it happen!


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