The Item: Sperry 75th Anniversary Shoes

I've been rocking my Topsiders for a little more than a year now, and I must say, I'm quite smitten with the brand. As it stands, though, I'm a bit late on all the Sperry lurve. The boat shoe originals have been around for 75 years now, delighting generations upon generations and making them look damn good.

To celebrate, Sperry's released a special collection highlighting some of their first kicks models. There are those boat shoe sneakers which have been emulated by so many, some nice lace-ups in two dependable colors, and slip-ons which, well, who couldn't use more? Plain as can be, yes, but just look at 'em. So relevant, even to this day? That's the mark of a true classic right there!

Nothing beats the original!

A nice pastel color to switch things up

Is that chambray? Well done, Sperry!

Basic as basic can be, and the problem being?

Off-white lace-ups which everybody can use

One in my favorite color too for good measure!

Photos courtesy of High Snobiety


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