The Guide: The White Button Down Oxford

One of the cornerstones of a man's wardrobe should be a good, nay, great button down oxford cloth shirt. It's uses are endless and can match up with most every item in your closet be it shorts or pants, chinos or denim, office or casual. The shirt is so damn versatile you owe it to yourself to buy a high quality version with a great fit. It's an investment you'll never regret, I swear!

As for the color, with most style authorities the choice seems unanimous: Get a white one and wear the hell out of it. And I mean over-and-over-and-over-again-wear-the-hell-out-of-it. Because for some ungodly reason, oxford shirts in a state of deterioration actually look lightyears better than freshly purchased pieces. One of those strange style stories, I suppose.

Either way, go get yours now and start destroying it! Who knows? You may be just a few months away from achieving its full style potential!

One of my style idols, Paul Newman, sporting the white oxford button down

One of my favorites from J-Crew (please come here!)

A fitted version locally available from Gap

A match made in heaven with a rep tie (from Brooks Brothers)

Touche, Band of Outsiders, touche.

The Sartorialist demonstrates how to accessorize a classic (awesomely)

Photos courtesy of GQ, J.Crew, Gap, and Brooks Brothers


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