The Item: New Balance BB680 Hiking Boot

Our office here in Singapore is in the middle of nowhere. It's not near the Central Business District, not near Orchard Road, nowhere. Needless to say, it's a hard commute, but the one thing i love about the location is the New Balance Outlet Store just a few steps away. New B's have been making the rounds on the feet of many fashion week attendees in New York this year and I for one would welcome rocking this pair to the big dance. A sporty hiking boot that boasts of a Timberland-esque mustard yellow upper? Man, at only S$40 (P1,350) a friggin' deal that would have been a fine companion to all those daily trips to our where-in-the-hell workplace.

Quite the discovery. I just wish I could've seen these babies sooner before sizes ran out!


radioteletype said...

Where can I find it in singapore?

Styles I Love said...

i found it in the mapletree business city new balance outlet. sadly, it's all out but they are still a lot of options and for only S$40-50, can't really go wrong!

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