The Happening: Christmas Canvas Sneaks

Canvas shoes are awesome. They're versatile, comfortable, and as many favorites will prove, practically indestructible. That's why I was thrilled when my sisters and my girlfriend both got me new canvas pairs as gifts last Christmas. My siblings gave me these yellow Vans Authentics and my girlfriend (once again surprising me) gifted me these off-white Comme Des Garcons Play Chuck Taylors. Two different pairs that fulfill different needs (the yellow sneaks for pop and the off-white kicks for understated cool), but joined by the fact that both have been on my feet nonstop since I got 'em. And in case you're wondering, yes, I have a lot of navy blue socks.

Apparently, bright yellow shoes will get you a lot of attention. The good kind.

The most versatile shoes of all time made even better with staring hearts


Dino Dinosaur said...

I want a pair of the CdG x Converse chucks too kaso ang MAHAL

Styles I Love said...

true that, sir. just lucky that my girlfriend's one generous gal! save up, though. totally worth it.

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