The Store: Rockstar at Cineleisure

There are some stores that just get you, the kind that you always find yourself coming back to and loving everything inside. Well, ever since fellow menswear enthusiat Ant introduced me to it, that store for me has been Rockstar. I swear, the way it was curated, I would've thought that I wrote the stock list. From the simplistic shoe lineup (Chucks, Superga, Pointer), to its expansive portfolio of canvas bags (Baggu, William J. Mills), and even the books and magazines on hand, everything just spoke to me. Hell, I bought a bag there already, discovered Sifr, and I still keep going back again and again. Highly recommend you pay a visit, chaps. Might even see you there!

The new Pointer x Porter 3-way's looking mighty fine.

Look at the gum sole on them Pointer saddle shoes. Great touch.

You know the phrase "walking on clouds"? This. (Also from Pointer)

Timberlands all prepped out via the Abington heritage collection

Rockstar by Soon Lee
#3-08 Orchard Cineleisure
8 Grange Road, Singapore
T: +65 6836 8201


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