The Item: Uniqlo Orange Oxford Shirt

You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of Uniqlo than me. About 92% of the clothes I bought here were from the trusty Japanese brand known for their quality basics. Of all the pieces I own, though, their oxford shirts are definitely the ones I'm most obsessed with. Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, in a multitude of colors, I have boatloads already, but still, when I saw this particular variation below, I had to get it. The pale orange color is just so deliciously unconventional and the idea of standing out among the sea of whites and blues proved to be too intriguing to pass up. Oh, Manila, you're in for a doozy when this awesome brand finally opens. Addicting, I tell you!

Best paired with khakis and some sweet caramel brown loafers!


Jesse said...

Agree. And the best thing about their shirts is they're made for Asian built - slim fit for the win!

Shame that Uniqlo doesn't have a branch here in Australia though - so whenever I go to Asia I always stock up.

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