The Item: Jetsam Wallets

More often than not, recycled fashion can look like, well, trash. Not this new brand I discovered, though. It's called Jetsam and they had this simple yet bright idea of getting discarded materials like end-run materials, cast-off clothing and vintage textiles and turning them into sweet patterned billfold wallets. Inspired by iconic menswear pieces, Jetsam's first collection features designs using vintage repp ties, plaids, and even some dashing herringbone tweed for good measure. In other words, a prepster's wallet dreams coming true. For the relatively inexpensive price, it's a great buy and just about right for materials that was probably being thrown out anyways.

A sampling of Jetsam's first foray. The repp tie wallets are tops.

How the inside looks. Minimalist, just how I like it.


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