The Brand: Good Guys Vegan Shoes

I am a shameless carnivore; always have been, always will be. There was this one day though that I thought about going vegan. Not for food, though, but for shoes! I discovered this French shoe brand Good Guys at Tangs on Orchard Road a few weeks back and I was initially drawn in by the classic suede and red-brick combo that their shoes showcased quite well. Picked a pair up to inspect closer and turns out, theirs wasn't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill buck. The tasty suede is synthetic (gasp!) and yet having known this, I remained intrigued. Interesting marketing strategy on emphasizing the positives by saying they don't murder animals. Great looking shoes, admirable cause. All lovely, lovely stuff. Now someone please get me a damn burger!

Navy and tan suedish bucks + monkstraps. Great color choice!

Another look of the lineup. The chunky soles give the shoes some presence.

And a handsome red-brick sole never hurt nobody too!

"Good Guys Don't Wear Leather." This makes me a good guy, sometimes.


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