The Guide: Casio Watches at Mustafa

For those who've been e-mailing me for months, asking where I got my gold Casio watch, this post is for you. Yes, all of you. You see, I only have one go-to place if I want to get my cheap-watch game on in Singapore and that's in the forever open Mustafa Mall right smack dab in the middle of Little India. Whether you prefer flashy gold-plated goodies or sleek black plastic pieces, you'll quickly see that all the Casio classics are all here for the picking! I just wouldn't advise going on a Sunday though. It's the only time when even these great finds really aren't worth it.

Cheap thrills at its finest! Thinking of getting more in the coming weeks!


nan said...

i was just also there with some friends, also for these babies haha

Styles I Love said...

hahaha! worth the trip, i'm sure! i love my casios, bang for buck at its finest!

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