The Item: Sifr "Suresh" Suede Slip-ons

Another day, another new discovery here in good 'ole Singapore. While international brands are usually the name of the game up in here, I'm now very proud to share with you an Asian (read: not Japanese) brand that I can really get behind. The brand's called Sifr and if you must know nothing else about them, they make some gosh-darn beautiful shoes. Sturdy leather soles, a quilted suede upper - I thought these slippers were made in Europe! But surprise, surprise - they're not; they're made in Jakarta by skilled artisans who've been making shoes for over 3 generations now. It was an unexpected twist to the usual quality shoe script. A welcome surprise, to be honest, and hopefully the first of many local brands I'll feature here from here on out.

Sifr's artisans know what's up. I can easily imagine these on a tasteful Italian man!


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