The Item: Uniqlo Skinny Cargo Pants

You know what I haven't done in a while? Yeah, update the blog, I know. But another thing that I've refrained from doing is wear skinny pants. With my weight gain in full swing, I've found it just more practical to switch to regular straight-legged varieties (as chronicled here). But you know what, Uniqlo had a sale recently on their skinny cargo pants from S$70 to S$40 and I just had to try it on. My goodness, their skinny cargos don't only fit well, they're damn comfortable too! Made of stretch satin material but with the look and charm of chinos, I can move whichever way I want now without any discomfort. It took a big sale to do it, but I'm in love again with an old flame!

More grown up than skinny jeans, but I've missed the same slim sensation!


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