The Happening: Read All You Can Mags

Every time I want to read the latest issue of GQ back in Manila, I'd go to Bruno's Barbers for a haircut. Yes, some pretty weird logic there, but for a man who's not really willing to pay P500++ for monthlies, the haircut, massage, and lengthy read is a pretty sweet deal. When I moved here, though, I didn't know where to go for my free mag needs. Turns out, I didn't have to look that far. No more twisted logic here, folks; I can now read to my heart's desire at the bigger bookstores here! With other awesome titles like Monocle and The Rake lining the shelves unsealed, methinks the local barbershops just lost a regular. (Well, except for the very practical QB House!)

The kicker? I could actually afford to buy these as they're much cheaper here!


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