The Happening: Bored at the Bus Stop

I take the bus everyday to work and I love it. Yup, I didn't know I'd be able to say that in my lifetime, but here I am, a happy commuter five days a week. I don't even miss driving at all, as I'm able to get a lengthy nap in during my daily trips. If there's a letdown to taking the bus, though, it's that you have to wait for it to show up, sometimes for more than 10 minutes. Well, to ward off boredom, I took my trusty camera and took some outfit shots for work (well, the bottom half). I get some strange looks from older people at the stop, but hey, I could do worse things to kill time.

My new Uniqlo army green chinos + trusty Converse Chuck Taylors

My well-maintained Band of Outsiders Sperrys + much abused Zara jeans


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