Style I Love: Slim Khakis + Penny Loafers

First of all, total transparency, sirs. From hereon out, some of the pictures you'll see on the blog will be coming from my camera phone. The dSLR's becoming heavy during the daily commute and the iPhone's camera ain't that bad to be completely honest. With the slight drop in picture quality, though, comes more sneaky street shots just like this one. On my way home, I saw this fresh chap on the MRT who nailed what has to be one of my favorite pairings of all time: folded khakis and penny loafers. He drew first blood with the slim-fit khakis and he finished it off with those classic cordovan pennies, which - if you'll look closely - has real pennies in the slots. A very charming old-school touch and wait, no socks too? It's like the dude knows me well!

Well-played sir, now what to do with your flip-flopped companion?


Luigi Alba said...

Classic, always a winner.

Sucks that my G.H. Bass & Co. penny loafers don't fit anymore.

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