The Store: The Specs Stall at Queensway

Queensway Shopping Center is the go-to place for cheap sporting goods here in Singapore. And with my Nike Frees recently giving up on me, I decided there was no better time to give the place a quick look. Little did I know though that the store that would make the most impact on me would actually be an eyewear shop. Yes, amidst all the sneakers, boards, and rackets was this little spectacle stall that had the most wonderful collection. Impressive pieces from Japan, Korea, and even classic Moscot frames from the States? Man, they know what they're doing. Honestly, it's not the bargain bin prices I was looking for (frames range from S$150 to S$250 with lenses), but what the hell, this whole getting fit thing can wait another year! (Yup, I said that last year too.)

Just like my shoes now, I like my specs chunky. Upper right, you'll be mine!

Tortoise shell glasses on bottom left: they're as classic as classic gets!


Luigi Alba said...

Hey man, I got my club master-esque round frames from some isolated optical shop in Wheelock Place in Orchard Rd. Maybe you should check them out, I remember seeing a variety of hard-to-find frames in there and more importantly, the price is very reasonable.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

These are amazing! I'm a great fan of specs, okay that place is a must go to place next time I visit Singapore!

Styles I Love said...

Will put in on my to do list, Luigi! I love Wheelock Place. That's where they have this sick Doc Martens store.

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