The Item: Vans Suede Saddle Shoe Sneaker

Okay, if you were reading the blog from very early on, you know how much I adored Vans. It was one of the first things I wrote about and at that point, it really was my favorite shoe brand of all time. As time passed, though, the love admittedly waned, mostly because every punk poser and their momma started wearing it and partly because all the new offerings I saw became somewhat stale. Turns out, all I needed is to see is one awesome pair to bring all that lost love back. Check it: Saddle-shoe elements fused with the sneaker spirit of Vans, made even more special with that lovely red-brick sole! I almost shed a tear. Damn, Vans is back on the blog in a big way, baby!

This is the Vans I know: for straight prepster or serious sneakerhead!


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