The Guide: Perfect Summer Combinations

School's out, traffic's lightening, temperature's rising - yeah, you feel it. Summer's here, boys, and no better way to welcome it than by putting on some summer-friendly pairings that are as part of the season as a trip to the beach. For a leisurely day out, I put on some crumpled khakis, folded 'em and wore them with the most summery shoes of all - espadrilles (or at least something espadrille-y) from Toms. As destiny would have it, a man supported this post's sentiments by wearing slim khakis with another summer favorite - all white sneakers. Ah, this season may just be the most irritating cause of that damn heat, but at least your style can sizzle right along with it.

Sockless is the way to go, especially during the humid days of April and May

I love the slim cut of the guy's pants here. Again, khakis are summer essentials!


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