The Item: Repp Ties at Crazy Sundae

One of the cornerstones of the preppy look is a repp tie. These striped, colored, sometimes logoed ties made their debut in the late 1800s in England, where the aristocracy wanted to give a shout out the schools and clubs they were part of (yes, very Hogwarts, I know). In this day and age, though, you don't need to be part of high society to rock these bad boys. Crazy Sundae at the Collective has them in a multitude of colors, and you need not have the bank account of a blue-blood to afford one too. For just P500, you can take one and pair it with some fine oxford shirts, chinos, and penny loafers - yes, just as the preppy gods themselves intended!

The slimmer profile makes these ties look dapper, not daddy


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