The Item: Clarks "Mead West" Suede Bucks

For years now, chunky suede bucks have been nothing but a dream to me. Always wanted a pair, but as limited as the menswear situation is here, I really couldn't find that perfect pair. Don't get me wrong, there have been contenders, but there's this one thing that they've all been missing, the one thing that I've always envisioned a classic buck should have: red brick soles. These Clarks bucks I came across had it and that's all it took, really. One look and wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. About P7,000 poorer, but damn sure happier. Just too bad it's not available here (got it abroad), but why don't you do us all a favor here, Clarks Philippines: Get out of the Cinderella department store, have your own damn shop, and step your damn game up! Peace.

Mmmm. The navy blue-red brick combo looks delicious!

The view from up-top: Love that just-right rounded toe!

The box featured this traditional Clarks seal. Just awesome.


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