The Item: Fred Perry Tote-Messenger Bag

For the longest time, my girlfriend's been telling me to stop buying shoes. As much as I hate to admit it, she's right. I do have a lot, so much that I can't even wear some anymore. If I'll be truthful, what I need to start buying are bags. I currently don't have a decent everyday bag to speak of and I really need a fine one for the daily commutes I'll be doing as part of my new job (more on that soon). Of course, I happened to find said bag at Fred Perry. I love their take on the tote and messenger bag combo with the quality canvas body and sturdy leather handles. Yours for a shade under P7,000, but hurry, methinks I'll be getting one of the two pieces on sale!

The ever-versatile navy blue color's an emerging favorite around these parts!


Anonymous said...

Is the store going to go on sale?

I was wondering why the text box for the verification doesn't appear and the confirm button. There's also no scroll bar.

Styles I Love said...

Hi Sir,

I'm not aware of any sale soon, but I'll definitely let you know. Also, about the commenting, I'm trying to find the problem as a lot of people also said the same thing. Hopefully, I can resolve it ASAP!

Anonymous said...

How do you find the Rucksack compare to this?

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