The Sale: Say It Ain't So, Theo!

One of my absolute favorite stores, Theodore's, is "moving out."

A moment of silence, please.

I just read their e-mail a couple of minutes ago and I still can't believe it! That probably explains all the sales they've been having lately. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. As a parting gift, Theodore's is having one penultimate sale and as a sign of respect for this wonderful, wonderful shop, I would like to invite you all to drop by and pillage what's left of their awesome stocks.

With that, i bid you adieu, Theodore's! You will surely be missed by the folk who know better.

The Deets:

For every Single Receipt purchase worth:

Php10,000++ you get an additional 10% off on top of your purchase.

Php20,000++ you get an additional 15% off on top of your purchase.

Php30,000++ you get an additional 20% off on top of your purchase.

*Mich Dulce SS09 is not included in this promo.

Update: Thank goodness! Theodore's will open its doors again, in a presently unknown location in Makati! Watch out for the details as they become available!

The Sale: Status Magazine Yardsale!

Another boring Saturday planned? Scratch that and drop by Embassy at the Fort to take part in Status Magazine's 5th Yardsale! Brought to you by the same people behind GreyOneSocial and Trilogy, you can bet that some of the goodies of the stores makes the trip. A little birdie told me at discounted prices too. So I'll definitely drop by at some point, just to look around of course. No more spending. Yup, definitely no more.

The Item: Lacoste Helmet

Like most of the driving population, I utterly dislike motorcycles. Maybe it's their trademark sneaking up from just about anywhere, surprising you and making you almost hit them and then you'd be the bad guy who gets jailed. Or maybe it's just their helmets. Yeah, that's probably it.

Wouldn't it be much better if they sported these great ones from Lacoste, though? Designed by Kyle J. Ferguson, these beautes take their inspiration my favorite toppers, driving caps. If the aesthetic won't convince you, then the fact that it's entirely eco-friendly should. Don't quote me on that though.

Either way, I wish I had enough money to give all the motorcycle drivers these helmets. Hey, at least if they bump my car and scratch their head while explaining, they will have at least done it in style!

Finally, a helmet that you'd actually want to wear!

Photo courtesy of

The Rundown

  • Heart of Sold: Now whoever thought that adding a heart with eyes would make Chucks more desirable? Oh yeah, Commes Des Garcons. {Chuvaness}
  • Second-Hand Sensations: Many say thrift shopping is all about knowing where to get the great stuff. If that's the case, then Mr. Celestial hit the friggin' shoe jackpot. {El Bosquejo}
  • Anything for a Cause: Ayala Malls just launched Reusable Designer Bags - eco firendly, limited edition bags designed by six great local designers. Mother Earth and fashionistas roar in approval. {Runway 2 Reality}
  • Best Foot Forward: Because it's not about where you've been, it's about where you've photographed your feet at. {Offbeat Collective}
  • Shoe Swap: Izzy scored these sweet Opening Ceremony lace-ups from El Bosquejo's Miguel Paolo Celestial. Any amazing leftovers up for grabs? {The Dandy Project}

The Happening: Mad Men-ize Yourself!

If there's one thing I can't turn down, it's those little internet games that let you something-ize yourself. I tried it with South Park. I took a shot with the Simpsons version. Heck, I even tried to Bape-ify myself. But this latest discovery of mine has to be my favorite.

If you've read my post on Don Draper and my utter love for early 60s fashion, then you know how much I adore the style of the show "Mad Men." Well, the geniuses at AMC (which airs the show) decided to hype up the upcoming season premiere with a sweet game that lets you get your Mad Men 60s swag on.

I for one had a grand ole time trying on outfits and matching it with the different accessories. Man, they even an itty bitty tie bar option, can you believe that?! If you've got the time and happen to be an easily amused simpleton like me, then by all means, try the game out here! I promise it'll bring you hours and hours of fun! (Yes, I'm that shallow).

That's me off to work in the 60s, taking the breakfast of champions

That's me pissed off in the 60s with a pipe, about to fire someone's monkey ass

The Item: Grenson Foster Canvas Oxford

Always on the lookout for great footwear innovations, I was charmed to have stumbled upon these awesome Grenson Foster Canvas Oxfords while checking out Selectism. A great idea if there ever was one, these kicks sure make for a fresh take on the ever so traditional footwear favorites. Instantly younger-looking, ready for the elements, and clearly not as business-y, these shoes are definitely high on my want list. Exactly what I need as I continue my search for the perfect black oxfords.

The idea's so great, I wonder why nobody thought of it until now!

Look at the versatility! It can bring you from workday to weekend in a snap!

Photos courtesy of Selectism

The Item: Dr. Martens x Raf Simons Metallic Pack

Whoa, Raf Simons. You've been doing collaborations all over the place, but this has to take the cake as the most attention grabbing, it just has to. Doing all the Doc silhouettes in glaring metallic gold, silver, and bronze? Man, talk about stepping into the future. Surely a little too much for me, but newsworthy nonetheless for all those who'd like to have all that attention!

Damn Raf, could you have been any more subtle?

Photo courtesy of High Snobiety

The Item: Hidden Treasures at Paul Smith GB5

I was checking my Facebook the other day and my friend King happened to tag me in his new photo album which was of great interest. It featured his new Swear Shoes which he bought in Paul Smith, but the thing is, he said they're not on display. You have to ask for them!

All this secrecy just begged for a visit, so I dropped by the Paul Smith Greenbelt 5 store and, as directed, asked for the goodies. Lo and behold, there they were. Lined up at the stockroom were these great offerings not only from Swear, but also Opening Ceremony and b Store! The asking price is a bit high for the Opening Ceremony and b Store kicks, but you could score them Swears with a little bit of saving up.

Of course, I may just be endorsing one of my favorite shoe brands (sue me). Either way, go check out the store and ask about these treasures. From what I heard, there's only one piece per size, so don't miss out, gentlemen!

My favorites from Opening Ceremony

Some sweet pickings from the b Store

And finally, some great ones from Swear

Available Now at:
Paul Smith

G/F Greenbelt 5, Legazpi St.
Makati City, Metro Manila

The Item: Bass Tasseled Loafers

A little envious (okay, understatement!) of the Raf Simons x Fred Perry shoes that Ant of Alphabetical got (again, congrats!), I decided and was very determined to search for the closest thing I could get here.

What I found were these incredible tasseled loafers from Bass with some beautiful fringe detailing, exactly in my size and, get this, on sale! For some reason though, I'm not so sure about them yet. That's why I reserved them first to ponder about their eventual place in my shoe cabinet. I worry that they may be too old fashioned, but at the same time, it's the very reason I love 'em!

Anyhow, I have until tomorrow to make up my mind. I'll let you know how it goes. I mean, I just got the Swear Oxfords last month and thus, should have zero doubt before splurging on shoes yet again. Ah, life. Why all these quandaries?

Trying the Bass beauties on

Oh man, they look really good with jeans!

Another angle of awesomeness!

The Item: Nike Deuce Mesh

My usual complaint with Nike is that they release shoes that are overdesigned and unfit for casual use. Well, not anymore. They've silenced me yet again with their impending release of the sweet Nike Deuce Mesh.

A bit of a shift from the high-technology stuff we always see from them, the kicks feature a nice breathable mesh upper and a minimalistic monochromatic design that just begs to be worn without socks. So nice, I wish we get the chance to try 'em out here! I mean, Kobe Bryant made the trip, why not these? C'mon now, Nike!

Look at that. I can almost imagine how breathable the mesh would be!

The perfect confluence of style and comfort, I'd say!

Photos courtesy of Sneaker Freaker

The Happening: Really, John Lloyd, Really?

I've always admired the style of John Lloyd Cruz. Heck, I even heralded him as the only true Filipino Style Icon on this blog. But how does he repay me? By going out in this number when Swatch unveiled him as their new endorser! I know, what the hell?

"Welcome to the circus!"

He told the reporters that he was trying to experiment more with his style. And boy, did he ever. Awkward double-breasted jacket, salmon pink cropped pants, and orange shoes? The man just went overboard with this one. The color of the pants and the shoes were too close and that jacket was really not a great fit. Man, I love color as much as the next guy, but like I've mentioned before, please keep the volume down!

Anyhow, I actually thought of revoking his Style Icon status on the blog, but I realized that don't we all make style mistakes at one point or another? I know I have in my hip-hop days. Falling down's an everyday thing, but getting back up? That's what the great ones do. So prove me right and do it, JLC!

If only the trousers were of a neutral color...

Photo courtesy of Chuvaness and The Fash Pack

The Editorial: My Favorite Fashion Era

I had a conversation over lunch with an officemate yesterday and the topic shifted over to our favorite fashion era. Her's was the 30's, or at least she thinks it's the 30s. I, on the other hand, am sure. Hands down, I just love men's style from the 60s best.

Specifically, I am referring to the early non-hippie 60s style. I'm talking about the setting "Mad Men" is situated in, the years when the Beatles were first breaking into the US. Yes, not only did these soon-to-be legends bring with them their groundbreaking songs; they also introduced tailored, fitted suits and made them look effortlessly cool. Finally, men began to understand what perfect fit meant, shifting away from the roomy and boxy gangster suits of the 50s.

Yes, the cut of The Beatles' suits would still be relevant today!

The band's tailored look has been the inspiration of many

Seeing young men in slim suits was actually more of the norm!

Along with the more fitted suits came the skinny neckties and bow ties we all know and love. Accessories were actually a big part of the era, including glasses, pocket squares, and tie bars, but instead of being showy and extravagant, subtle clean options reigned supreme.

Malcolm X in a skinny tie, horn-rimmed glasses and seersucker suit

The Original: Sean Connery as James Bond sporting a slim bow tie

Sean Connery sported a ton of sweet specs way back in the day

Tailored suits and accessories were only the beginning though. As you may or may not know, many of the casual wear classics we hold dear today were also perfected in the 60s. Cardigans, loafers, button-down collar shirts - these cornerstones were already worn by our grandfathers, thus enforcing my stance that people in their prime in the 60s are the most naturally stylish people there are.

Before the pajamas, Hugh Hefner sported cardigans and oxfords

From all these, you can see why I love the 60s style so much. That's why up to now, it's been an utter mystery to me as to why the stylish dressers of that time would replace their sleek looks with the monstrosities of the 70s, 80s, and even 90s. Then again, that's history. You make mistakes and you go back to things that work. And the beauty of it all is that you rediscover the magic of decades past along the way. You know, just like here. Just like now.

The Real Mad Men: Stylish fellows who worked for an ad agency in the 60s

The Art: Kid Cudi's Poke Her Face/Make Her Say

Utilizing tidbits from Lady Gaga's acoustic performance of "Poker Face", Kid Cudi partnered with Kanye West and Common to bring us "Poke Her Face" some months back. Now entitled "Make Her Say", the video was recently released with the same playful energy of the track with an innovative vertical split-screen display. Good on ya, Cudi! It's people like you who actually make watching music videos a pleasure!

The Art: Melbourne Theatre Company Auditorium

I've always craved for Manila to have more beautifully designed buildings. And yet when I stroll through the streets of Makati and other neighboring cities, I realize that the dream will be just that (I hope I'm wrong though).

We should take notes from the Melbourne Theatre Company's new home. A deserving center for the classic art, it incorporates futuristic elements and loud colors that will make even the most adamant theatre-hating people drop to their knees in awe. I for one could just drop a tear in admiration. Yes, and I didn't even have to see a single show.

The glowing light tubes must be an awesome sight from afar

I love how the paintjob adds another element to the walls


Bravo to the architect who thought all this up. Amazing!

Photos courtesy of Fabrik

The Brand: Gourmet Sneakers

I was going to include these sweet Gourmet sneaks in my previous post about the Trilogy store, but decided after one last look that these babies deserved their own. A mish-mash of elements from American sportswear and Italian tailoring, these shoes boast clean lines, interesting details, and unmatched quality that can only come from being made out of the finest materials.

Helmed by veterans in the streetwear game -
Jon T. Buscemi (Girl/DC shoes), Greg Lucci (Zoo York) and Greg Johnsen (Situationormal/Hall of Fame) - the brand aims to combine technical and athletic elements like air technology and memory foam insoles with high-end materials like quality leather and hand-woven custom canvasses to create the perfect blend of sportswear and sophistication.

True to its name, Gourmet kicks are downright appetizing to look and at and just like a fine meal, you'll want to have it over and over again! Luckily, the buffet's always open at Trilogy, so feel free to dig in, people!

The Il Due also gives me that Chukka boot vibe, but remixed in a more modern way

The zipper that seals the Il Due is a nice touch too, yes?

The L'uno reminds me of the Nike Huarache, but I'd much rather have these!

A refreshing color makes this Il Tre stand out!

Available now at:
Trilogy Boutique + Canteen
110 Alvion, Rada Street
Legapi Village, Makati

The Store: Trilogy Boutique + Canteen

While already covered by countless blogs (and for good reason), I'd like to have my own take on the utter blessing that is the Trilogy Boutique + Canteen. I visited the store this past Sunday and while the store size was not as big as I expected, the awesomeness of the selections totally made up for it, and then some.

Great Expectations: The Trilogy window display along Rada St.

The brainchild of Herrera siblings Vicky, Rosario, and John in partnership with the world-famous Steve Aoki, Trilogy offers the best of youth culture with a triple dose of clothes, accessories, and books (thus the name). With brands like Generic Surplus, Gourmet, and Adidas Originals by Originals already available, the store is definitely a must-see for those with a taste for the unique and limited.

You damn right, Mr. Obama! (Love this shirt!)

Twilight Schmilight. Now, these books are totally right up my alley!

Man, these Lego watches are sick! Might just get one soon!

I actually ran into Vicky Herrera during my visit and she was kind enough to enlighten me about the rationale in selecting brands for the store. "We wanted to have stuff close to Topshop prices," she said. A simple yet well thought-out criteria, in my view. I was actually very surprised to see how affordable some of the stuff was, considering the high-end look they all have!

Trilogy's the only store in Asia that carries these Generic Surplus kicks!

And the store's just half the fun. As mentioned, Trilogy also has a cafe that serves pretty tasty stuff (judging solely from the menu). Didn't get to taste anything just yet, but I'll be sure to try some of the dishes the next time I drop by. I mean if it's as tasty as their retail offerings, then damn, I'll definitely keep coming back for more!

I wonder how the deep fried PBJ sandwich would taste...can't wait!

Vicky told me business was going great. The response has been overwhelming thus far and why not? A fresh concept which pits great clothes and delicious food together with a lot more brands coming soon, Trilogy has truly tickled the fancy of this blogger right 'ere. Really, one visit was all I needed to make sure that this will be one of the stores I'll keep frequenting for years to come!

Trilogy Boutique + Canteen
110 Alvion, Rada Street
Legapi Village, Makati

The Item: Fred Perry Navy Umbrella

A lot of people always ask me why I carry around a big umbrella. They say it's impractical dragging it around, but I always ask them isn't it more impractical to carry an umbrella that leaves them all wet anyways? Anyhow, what I'm driving at is that big umbrellas are preferable by me especially with the crazy weather we've been having lately.

I'm happy with the umbrella I have now, but how I wish I had this sweet Fred Perry umbrella last week instead. Navy on the outside and traditional tartan on the inside, you just know this ain't your ordinary bank-giveaway brollie. A bit on the high side at P2,800 a pop, at least your conscience won't let you forget it anywhere just like with your current one. Oh, and it's pretty big too. Just the way I like it!

You won't mind carrying around this big beaute!

The Rundown

  • Bullseye!: Ben Sherman Shangri-La hits the spot with the release of the Target Card and, consequently, the sweet discounts that come with it. {Buddha Banana}
  • Dean's List: Timmy Ang of Dean and Trent gives his two cents about the current state of Filipino men's style. {Runway to Reality}
  • Making the Grade: Rags2Riches goes beyond bags with these amazing designs from current SoFA students. A well deserved A, I say. {Style Anywhere}
  • Those Were the Days: Manila was as beautiful as Paris in the 1930s. Yup. Well, at least we still have the Manila Hotel. {The Fash Pack}

The Sale: Fred Perry and Gap End the Season with a Bang!

If my text alerts are not mistaken, my favorite basics brand and my favorite favorite brand takes up to 50% off on selected items starting today! With all the midyear sale craziness going on all over town, this just has to be the most newsworthy, well for me anyways. Time to stock up on those oxfords, khakis, and pique polos, gents! See you all at the shops!

The Guide: Putting Blazers and Jeans Together

My friend Fidel sent me a message asking about what I thought about blazers and jeans. For the record, I love the look, but if and only if it's finely done. Sadly, thanks to frat boys and professional athletes all over the world, the rate of success it has is nothing but underwhelming. I exaggerate not my friends. They've bastardized it that much.

4 buttoned jacket, sloppy collar, baggy pants, choker: This guy needs serious help!

I write this post not to take the look back from those who tastelessly use it, but, more importantly, to convert them. It's really easy to get the pairing right, people. Just like with everything style, fit is the most important thing. For the umpteenth time, stay away from everything baggy and go for stuff that fit! Trust me, the last thing you want is to get that you-borrow-your-big-bro's-clothes look complete with bunching up pants and blazer sleeves that cover your knuckles.

Now this is how your blazers and jeans should fit!

Now to the specifics. For the blazer, don't go for materials that are too formal (think suit jackets and tuxedos). What looks best with jeans are the more casual ones which you usually buy on their own. Tweed, cotton, and wool are great options for this. When it comes to jeans, keep it classic with a darker wash, but keep in mind though that the occasional lighter shades will do for select blazer colors (see below).

One of the best I've seen. Perfect blending of the tweed blazer and jeans!

As for what to wear under the blazer, plain button-down oxfords always look best (though a crewneck and a subtle v-neck will do too). Tuck the oxfords in for best results and get a sweet belt to seal the deal. Footwear options are wide-open. You can wear simple sneaks, oxfords, or loafers along with funky colored socks or better yet, none at all!

The go-to: Navy blazer, the right jeans, and brown loafers

As you can see, it's really that easy. Equipped with this guide, I hope you all go forth and redeem this great look after years of much disrespect from all those jocks and NBA players. Time to finally stand up and show them how's it done, son!

Photos courtesy of GQ, The Sartorialist, and Esquire

The Item: Topman NSFW Suits

Man, talk about NSFW! The always trendy Topman brand recently unveiled these fun "Neon Suits For Work" and I for one can't wait to see how it'll look on the streets. I mean, I won't recommend it, but seriously now, is there any better way to fuck up your boss than showing up in your office with this number on?

That neon green ensemble has me at a loss for a bad way.

Photo courtesy of Selectism