The Happening: Skinny Jeans on Wall Street Journal

Way back in November of 2006, I bought my first pair of skinny jeans at Levi's. What followed were months of mockery mostly from my guy friends who said my pants were too tight, some even calling them "man leggings." A funny thing happened, though. After some weeks, they started wearing them too.

While not one to brag, I do commend myself for being brave enough to be one of the first to wear skinnies to school. And lo and behold, 3 years after, the jeans are as strong as ever. Unlike the elephant pants craze which I was unfortunately a part of (hello Havok!), skinny jeans seem like they're here to stay.

They've become such a part of culture that the even Wall Street Journal made a feature about them. Peep the awesomeness below!

A final word, though before getting a new pair. Great as they are, make sure not to get the super tight jeans with the stretchy denim. Now those, those, my brothers are man leggings.


izzy said...

Nice to see a fellow former victim of Havok on the fashion blogosphere :)

Styles I Love said...

hey izzy! those were definitely good times, i must say. i felt so cool wearing those ultra-wide legged drawstring pants! it's all part of growing up in fashion. i've nothing but fond memories. :)

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