The Guide: The Ten Essentials

So I was watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style over the weekend (don't ask) and he had a segment on his show where he identified the ten essentials every woman should have. Watching that got me thinking. When it comes to us guys, why doesn't anybody make a show to guide us? Well, probably because most guys don't care, but aye, there's the rub.

We should care, to look at least decent anyways. And so to answer this important question of national, nay, global interest, I did a lot of research and pondering over the past few days and have compiled a list of what I think are the ten items that every guy should have in his closet. I understand that our views may vary, but for me, these are clothes I will swear by, and will probably be wearing too, till the day I die.

Call them timeless, classics, permanent, or what have you, it'd be wise to invest in high quality versions of these items as they will be the foundation of the stylish wardrobe you will have for years to come. Trust me.

1. White Button-down Oxford Shirt
There's nothing in your closet that will be as versatile as this. Day to night, shorts to pants, jeans to chinos: It's a great choice every friggin' time.

Secret Wash Oxford from J. Crew

2. Basic Shirt
When in doubt, go to the basics. The best option on those casual days where you don't want to do any thinking, but still want to maintain your cool.

Best Crewneck from Gap

3. Perfect Fit Jeans
Skip the ripped and faded trends and go for a no-nonsense pair with a dark wash. Get it in skinny or straight (not loose, please) and prepare to abuse the hell out of it.
Dark Wash 511s from Levi's

4. Slim Trousers
A fantastic alternative to when you're not abusing your jeans. It makes for a more grown-up look, but with the recommendable slim fit, never ever old.

Slim Fit Chinos from Dockers

5. Dress Shirt
Job interviews, high society dinners, meetings with the boss: These are times when no other shirt can do.

Classic-Fit Poplin Regent from Ralph Lauren

6. Dress Pants

To go with that dashing dress shirt of yours. You don't want to come up short at the bottom do you?

Anthony Wool Gabardine Pant from Ralph Lauren

7. Suit
You may not use this everyday, but damn it, when that formal occasion comes, you'll be more than happy that you had a fine navy blue/charcoal gray number ready to deploy.

8. Pique Polo Shirt
The quintessential piece of sportswear you should own, though not worn as baggy as those NBA players you love.

Twin-tipped Polo from Fred Perry

9. Shorts

With the smoldering heat in this country, having a pair gives you a comfort option while still looking quite handsome. Go for basics which are cut above the knee and show off the calves you've been working on, man!

Tailored shorts from Topman

10. Versatile Jacket
Protect all these essentials with an equally timeless jacket that will not only keep you dry, but also at the top of your style game whatever the weather.

The G9 Original in Natural from Baracuta

By the way, did you notice that you can mix and match the items above to create so many looks? That right there is the mark of true essentials! Just build around these pieces and you'll bear witness to the amazingness that is your closet in no time. So good luck, gentlemen, and take that, Tim Gunn!



I would add the following to the list:

- a classic pair of sunglasses
- the perfect watch

Styles I Love said...

hey ant! i totally agree with the 2 items you mentioned! i just narrowed down this list to clothes though because i wanted to make a separate list for accessories and shoes too. but yeah, sunglasses and watches are a must!

by the way, about the dinner you mentioned with ram and timmy, i'd love too. if it's okay with them, of course. :)


Ah yes, I'm sure you could do a list of the top accessories every man needs. Looking forward to that!

It'd be lunch most probably but dinner doesn't so bad either. Let's all discuss this soon.


you got it all right. would also want to add the following:

- a nice man bag or tote from Jack Spade, Paul Smith, LL. Bean, etc
- and a pair of red socks..

re number 2, umm oh yeah, I dont own a single t-shirt, closet is t-shirt less haha

you guys wanna lave brunch at Sala or M cafe? I miss Lumiere

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