The Store: Trilogy Boutique + Canteen

While already covered by countless blogs (and for good reason), I'd like to have my own take on the utter blessing that is the Trilogy Boutique + Canteen. I visited the store this past Sunday and while the store size was not as big as I expected, the awesomeness of the selections totally made up for it, and then some.

Great Expectations: The Trilogy window display along Rada St.

The brainchild of Herrera siblings Vicky, Rosario, and John in partnership with the world-famous Steve Aoki, Trilogy offers the best of youth culture with a triple dose of clothes, accessories, and books (thus the name). With brands like Generic Surplus, Gourmet, and Adidas Originals by Originals already available, the store is definitely a must-see for those with a taste for the unique and limited.

You damn right, Mr. Obama! (Love this shirt!)

Twilight Schmilight. Now, these books are totally right up my alley!

Man, these Lego watches are sick! Might just get one soon!

I actually ran into Vicky Herrera during my visit and she was kind enough to enlighten me about the rationale in selecting brands for the store. "We wanted to have stuff close to Topshop prices," she said. A simple yet well thought-out criteria, in my view. I was actually very surprised to see how affordable some of the stuff was, considering the high-end look they all have!

Trilogy's the only store in Asia that carries these Generic Surplus kicks!

And the store's just half the fun. As mentioned, Trilogy also has a cafe that serves pretty tasty stuff (judging solely from the menu). Didn't get to taste anything just yet, but I'll be sure to try some of the dishes the next time I drop by. I mean if it's as tasty as their retail offerings, then damn, I'll definitely keep coming back for more!

I wonder how the deep fried PBJ sandwich would taste...can't wait!

Vicky told me business was going great. The response has been overwhelming thus far and why not? A fresh concept which pits great clothes and delicious food together with a lot more brands coming soon, Trilogy has truly tickled the fancy of this blogger right 'ere. Really, one visit was all I needed to make sure that this will be one of the stores I'll keep frequenting for years to come!

Trilogy Boutique + Canteen
110 Alvion, Rada Street
Legapi Village, Makati



canteen is actually co-owned by chef fernando aracama and some of his friends

Styles I Love said...

that explains the great stuff on the menu! can't wait to go back and finally have a taste. by the way, do you guys want to add this as an option to where we'll all meet?


I don't mind hanging out here. Yes, it's definitely one option.


hmmmmm I can get discounts as compared to apartment 1b haha

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