The Brand: Gourmet Sneakers

I was going to include these sweet Gourmet sneaks in my previous post about the Trilogy store, but decided after one last look that these babies deserved their own. A mish-mash of elements from American sportswear and Italian tailoring, these shoes boast clean lines, interesting details, and unmatched quality that can only come from being made out of the finest materials.

Helmed by veterans in the streetwear game -
Jon T. Buscemi (Girl/DC shoes), Greg Lucci (Zoo York) and Greg Johnsen (Situationormal/Hall of Fame) - the brand aims to combine technical and athletic elements like air technology and memory foam insoles with high-end materials like quality leather and hand-woven custom canvasses to create the perfect blend of sportswear and sophistication.

True to its name, Gourmet kicks are downright appetizing to look and at and just like a fine meal, you'll want to have it over and over again! Luckily, the buffet's always open at Trilogy, so feel free to dig in, people!

The Il Due also gives me that Chukka boot vibe, but remixed in a more modern way

The zipper that seals the Il Due is a nice touch too, yes?

The L'uno reminds me of the Nike Huarache, but I'd much rather have these!

A refreshing color makes this Il Tre stand out!

Available now at:
Trilogy Boutique + Canteen
110 Alvion, Rada Street
Legapi Village, Makati


designani said...

Lovely blog
Inspired me all the more as an artist and a fashion addict

Kiss from Melbourne

Dexter said...

I agree. They're nice but as you have said, they're not so expensive. How cheap is cheap? What's the price points?

Styles I Love said...

wow! thanks nani! so flattered to receive love all the way from melbourne! dropped by your blog too by the way. i'm loving the visuals! keep it up. :)

Styles I Love said...

hey dexter. i don't remember the exact prices, but if i remember correctly, they're around P3500 to P5000 a pop. Not bad, considering all the ugly stuff sold at that price nowadays...

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