The Guide: Putting Blazers and Jeans Together

My friend Fidel sent me a message asking about what I thought about blazers and jeans. For the record, I love the look, but if and only if it's finely done. Sadly, thanks to frat boys and professional athletes all over the world, the rate of success it has is nothing but underwhelming. I exaggerate not my friends. They've bastardized it that much.

4 buttoned jacket, sloppy collar, baggy pants, choker: This guy needs serious help!

I write this post not to take the look back from those who tastelessly use it, but, more importantly, to convert them. It's really easy to get the pairing right, people. Just like with everything style, fit is the most important thing. For the umpteenth time, stay away from everything baggy and go for stuff that fit! Trust me, the last thing you want is to get that you-borrow-your-big-bro's-clothes look complete with bunching up pants and blazer sleeves that cover your knuckles.

Now this is how your blazers and jeans should fit!

Now to the specifics. For the blazer, don't go for materials that are too formal (think suit jackets and tuxedos). What looks best with jeans are the more casual ones which you usually buy on their own. Tweed, cotton, and wool are great options for this. When it comes to jeans, keep it classic with a darker wash, but keep in mind though that the occasional lighter shades will do for select blazer colors (see below).

One of the best I've seen. Perfect blending of the tweed blazer and jeans!

As for what to wear under the blazer, plain button-down oxfords always look best (though a crewneck and a subtle v-neck will do too). Tuck the oxfords in for best results and get a sweet belt to seal the deal. Footwear options are wide-open. You can wear simple sneaks, oxfords, or loafers along with funky colored socks or better yet, none at all!

The go-to: Navy blazer, the right jeans, and brown loafers

As you can see, it's really that easy. Equipped with this guide, I hope you all go forth and redeem this great look after years of much disrespect from all those jocks and NBA players. Time to finally stand up and show them how's it done, son!

Photos courtesy of GQ, The Sartorialist, and Esquire



the first photo really made me scream - FOUL lol

Styles I Love said...

yes! when i saw it, i knew it was the perfect example of how NOT to do the look. i mean, sweet bajeebus!

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