The Happening: Mad Men-ize Yourself!

If there's one thing I can't turn down, it's those little internet games that let you something-ize yourself. I tried it with South Park. I took a shot with the Simpsons version. Heck, I even tried to Bape-ify myself. But this latest discovery of mine has to be my favorite.

If you've read my post on Don Draper and my utter love for early 60s fashion, then you know how much I adore the style of the show "Mad Men." Well, the geniuses at AMC (which airs the show) decided to hype up the upcoming season premiere with a sweet game that lets you get your Mad Men 60s swag on.

I for one had a grand ole time trying on outfits and matching it with the different accessories. Man, they even an itty bitty tie bar option, can you believe that?! If you've got the time and happen to be an easily amused simpleton like me, then by all means, try the game out here! I promise it'll bring you hours and hours of fun! (Yes, I'm that shallow).

That's me off to work in the 60s, taking the breakfast of champions

That's me pissed off in the 60s with a pipe, about to fire someone's monkey ass


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