The Icon: Don Draper

Today's icon comes by way of TV land yet again, this time from the show Mad Men. While not that popular here in Manila (though being shown on 2nd Avenue), Mad Men has garnered praise from many style aficionados worldwide for bringing out everything we love about 60s style (the show's set in the 60s after all).

Skinny ties, minimalist pocket squares, and a flamboyance that can only come from a time before formality left the office: all these we get from the show's male cast week in and week out. My favorite among the lot, though, is Don Draper. Played by Jon Hamm, Draper's character is the creative director for Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency, and he damn sure well dresses the part.

His style is the definition of classic Americana. Varying shades of gray suits, muted 2-inch ties, trimmed pocket squares, all put together in a well-fitting ensemble and topped off by a devilish haircut - what you have here is iconic, people, a throwback look that looks just as great today as it did in the 60s. Now if that doesn't make for a style icon, I give up, because I don't know what does.

So do yourself a favor, guys. Tune in to 2nd Avenue on Thursdays 10-10:30PM to get your weekly dose of fine style courtesy of the Don. Don't worry, the show itself ain't bad too!

Now that's a headshot if I ever saw one!

The definition of a gentleman

Notice the hair. Just impeccable.

Now that is how you do a pocket square!


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