The Item: Wonder Button Collar Extender

My problem with buying polos is that while I may find it easy to get the right fit around the torso, the same polo normally doesn't close around the collar (without me choking). I don't know if this is because of my larger-than-life adam's apple, but the fact is it doesn't, and it's just flat-out irritating, especially when i have to at formal events when the loose tie look won't do.

Enter the Wonder Button Collar Expander. I found this little trinket at the SM Megamall branch of T&M while window shopping. Finding it literally felt like finding buried treasure, as it was relatively hidden in a small box by the store's bow ties.

At first, i thought it was a bit pricey at P295 (I mean, it was just a little piece of metal!), but damn it, after reading that it can increase the collar by about a half-inch, I was convinced. Since then, I've been using the hell out of it and as it turns out, the Wonder Button Collar Expander was the only solution I needed to breathe easily even when all buttoned up.

Who thought such a little thing could make a hell of a difference!


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