The Item: Dr. Martens x Raf Simons Metallic Pack

Whoa, Raf Simons. You've been doing collaborations all over the place, but this has to take the cake as the most attention grabbing, it just has to. Doing all the Doc silhouettes in glaring metallic gold, silver, and bronze? Man, talk about stepping into the future. Surely a little too much for me, but newsworthy nonetheless for all those who'd like to have all that attention!

Damn Raf, could you have been any more subtle?

Photo courtesy of High Snobiety



Woah, flashy indeed! I'm sure as hell I can't pull these off, but for those who can - bravo!

Styles I Love said...

It will take a brave soul to rock these kicks. Yes, and a very flashy one at that!

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