The Icon: John Lloyd Cruz

I started "The Icon" category in the blog to showcase those who I believe have great personal style. Up to now, however, I have been featuring only international personalities, as I really cannot pinpoint anyone locally who jumps out as a true icon to me.

Well, folks, the search is over. John Lloyd Cruz is the first ever Filipino in "The Icon." Yup, you read that right, Matinee Idol John Lloyd friggin' Cruz. To tell you the truth, I've actually been considering him for quite some time now. The only thing stopping me was a lack of pictures that proves he is who I say he is. After much research and abuse of Google, though, I've come up with a set that I'm confident in.

What I really like about JLC's (can I call him that?) look is that it doesn't scream, "I try too hard." He just has this effortless feel to him that makes his wardrobe choices look so natural, so, well, him. I actually bumped into him in New York last year in Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue. All I can say is, damn, the man has fine taste. While I was merely window shopping, JLC was actually really shopping, which says a lot. He knows how to spend his acting money on quality pieces, but unlike many local celebrities, he doesn't flaunt the brands he wears. He just looks damn good in them.

A man with that trait certainly deserves to be called an "Icon" in my book anyday. Congratulations, JLC, for being the first Filipino on the list. As your prize, I'm going to see "You Changed My Life" with my girlfriend tomorrow. Your acting may or may not suck there, but I'll be looking out for your style choices more than anything else. Keep it up, young man.

Casual cool at Shangri-La Mall

That friggin awesome!

This shot may be amateurish, but the Fred Perry polo is definitely not

An example of how long-sleeved polos should fit

JLC rocked bowties even before they were "back." Well done, sir.

Photos courtesy of, Manila Style, and Metro Society.


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