The Guide: Playing with Color

It's been awfully hot and humid these past few days - all signs pointing to the changing of seasons. Yes, summer's slowly creeping up on us and in what is possibly our equivalent to the western world's spring, the emergence of colors too are sure to follow.

That is why it is the perfect time to embrace your inner canvas and start injecting some hues into your boring neutral ensembles. Some questions, however, arise: How exactly do you do that? How much color is too much?

You see, I absolutely love colors. And it is my firm belief that it is not about how many colors you wear, but how you wear them. The general rule I follow is to maintain a balance between neutral and bright hues. Think khaki above-the-knee shorts and an emerald green collared shirt, think red shorts and a plain white shirt, think plain blue shirt, basic denim, and red shoes...oh, you get the drift.

Big colorful pieces too much for you, though? Baby steps, my friend. Try accessories. I already wrote about colored socks in one of my posts, but in addition to this, you can try colored canvas belts, fun watches, statement shoes, and even bright bags. Just make sure to pick colors that are complimentary when combining. Trust me, you won't look like a clown that way.

The countdown to summer has begun, gentlemen. Ready your colorful garb and try not to be too serious. Because as you may or may not know, it is only with a sense of humor can you truly pull off wearing neon colors with flair.

Too hot to pull it off here, but a truly great example of color play

Kanye West uses color better than anyone, period

Pharrell comes in a close second (i.e. that belt: damn!)

Pay attention to the accessories, quite masterful yes?

Photos courtesy of GQ and Welldressed.


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