The Guide: Cleaning Out Your Closet

I don't care what you'll say. "Queer Eye for a Straight Guy" was one of my favorite shows in its heyday. I learned quite a lot from watching and while I don't agree with everything Carson Kressley preached (see awkward layering and combinations), there's one tip he always gave to the unwilling participants that I still follow even to this day.

I'm talking about cleaning out my closet, gents! Yes, decluttering and letting your closets breathe is yet another skill that only so few of us have mastered. I mean, look at your closet now. Stand up and open it. Notice the shirts you supposedly love and yet have not used in god knows how long? Those ain't yours anymore!

Looks familiar doesn't it? Well, except for the girly bags...

Well, my rule of thumb is that if I haven't used it in 3 months, it's time say goodbye (except for seasonal items). Much like in a basketball team where some players just get booted out of the rotation and become benchwarmers, you just have to know how to let all that dead weight go. No renewing of contracts whatsoever.

My suggestion: Sell them! Heck, if you liked them so much, someone will too, provided that the quality is still nice. If no one wants to snatch them up, give them away to charities, to your local
taong grasa; hell, giving it to anybody is better than rotting at the back of your overstuffed closet.

With awesome fall collections already coming out, there really is no better time for you to clean out your closets and make more room than now!

A little cleaning and your closet can look like this!

Photo courtesy of GQ


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