The Happening: Ari Gold Ties It Together

When it comes to my favorite fictional characters on TV, Ari Gold of Entourage is way up there. I just love the way the world's biggest Hollywood agent seems to pull out witty offensive insults out of his ass every single episode. What I don't love as much, though, is the way his tie game looked earlier on in the show. You'd think he'd figure it out (he wore a suits and ties every episode), but he truly only got it right in the currently running seventh season.

The problem with his technique in the earlier seasons was that he was using super wide ties without buttoning the top button of his shirt. There was a disconnect in the look he was going for because he chose the formal power tie while going for the very casual unfastened top button. Not good. What's more, he chose a Windsor knot, which makes his already thick tie look more oversized than it is for an open collar. Clearly, this is not something Don Draper would do.

As the seasons went by, thankfully his ties became narrower and his top-button went fastened. (Maybe a function of becoming the head of the world's biggest talent agency?) He discovered the magic of the thinner four-in-hand tie knot too and now, after seven long seasons, he can finally insult the best of 'em while looking like the big power player he always makes himself out to be. Never too late for some cohesiveness now, so let's hug it out, Mr. Gold.

The tie almost dwarfs the powerful man in the suit (from earlier seasons)

Getting better but I'm not entirely convinced just yet (succeeding seasons)

Boom: four-in-hand knot, top button closed, and the pocket square doesn't hurt too


Dan said...

I see where you're coming from, but in the first couple seasons Ari almost always had his button done with a Windsor knot. It wasn't until the 4th season (where that first pic is from, by the way) that he kept his button undone every episode. Season 5 saw him button it up again, as did subsequent seasons. There were times in seasons 3 and especially 4 that he had it undone, but take it from a guy who has over-analyzed Ari's style to the point of obsession: the collar is usually buttoned.

Anonymous said...

How does he get that thick knot to hang so far down as he does in that picture above?

Anonymous said...

specifically the first picture of him sitting on the desk, everytime I get a knot that thick it hangs nowhere near my belt?

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