Style I Love: The Charm of the Tuck-in Look

I'm usually not the tuck-in type of guy. I just do it when I have to. I mean, in this ungodly heat, why close off more holes where cool air could breeze in, right? Thankfully, though, these Uniqlo oxfords came into my life and changed this previous take. They're somewhat longer than what I'm used to, so I had to tuck them in. Surprisingly, as I wore them with regularity, I noticed I was tucking in my other shirts too. Then I realized, I was slowly becoming a convert.

My friend and I were talking earlier about the allure of the tucked-in look and we concurred that it must be the neatness which pulls the aesthetic together. The lack of messy shirttails makes the wearer look more mature and refined than usual and the highlight of the belt also gives the outfit a whole new dimension with which to play with. All you need to pull it off, really, is a well fitting shirt and a nice belt. So damn easy. Look at me, even on the casualest of Fridays, I still found myself putting it in my pants. A simple style switch, but It's addicting, I tell you!

Oxford Shirt (Uniqlo), Braided Belt (SM Department Store)
Nylon Watch (Timex), Jeans (Zara), Shoes (Toms)


Jech said...

everything is on point in this outfit *clap clap* and yes, the tucking of the shirt did add a nice touch.

Styles I Love said...

why thank you, jech! everybody should give tucking in a shot. i sure loved it! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the jeans and the toms. do u have a LB account? (

Styles I Love said...

hi there, mr. anonynomous. thanks for the kind words. nope, i don't have a lookbook account as of now. i just post my vanity pictures here. haha! :)

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