The Happening: The Unexpected Jacket

I've always wanted my own Harrington jacket. I almost got one in Hong Kong too from Ben Sherman. My size, on sale, navy blue color, funky Beatles pattern lining: it seems like destiny, right? Well, not quite. I already got the Band of Outsider Sperrys on the same day, and I wasn't comfortable with unleashing so much moolah in a span of several hours, so I laid my hand down. Then and there, I thought I lost out, but did I really?

On our last day, we went to the Lane Crawford in IFC Mall with a keen eye for other great finds. Who knows, I may spot another Band-ish bargain there, and true enough, I did. I tried on this khaki Ralph Lauren windbreaker and the giddy prepster in me fainted. I could've sworn that I saw it in the snapshots of the "Take Ivy" book. Whether or not I'm correct, I love the timelessness of the jacket nonetheless. Hell, even my dad liked it. Not bad for something that I didn't plan on getting not and too shabby with the half price off. I think I'll live without the Harrington, thank you very much.

Some wonderful features: collar tab, cuff buttons, flattering length, overall awesomeness


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