The Happening: Last Minute Shopping

So it goes that our Hong Kong adventures ended where it all began, in the halls of Uniqlo, where I was able to get some last minute shopping in a few hours before our trip back (and I mean we-were-the-last-ones-on-the-plane-because-of-it last minute). I got two button-downs, one soft green oxford and a short-sleeved madras number.

The oxford I got was a fresh departure from the usual whites, powder blues, baby pinks, and yellows which we've come to accustom with this shirt. There was an aqua blue option too, but it was a little too acid for my liking. The madras shirt was just too damn charming and comfy to pass up, so I had at it. Looking back, I should have grabbed more, but I'm happy. Just reminiscing about the trip makes me want to book again next year. I sure hope I have enough savings then. That said, frugal mode - on!

Such a refreshing color, perfect for those gloomy days!

A lovely pattern with the mix of green and reds


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