The Item: Giordano Lightweight Windbreaker

While the rainy season has not really manifested itself in our country thus far, my dear mom taught me it's better to be safe than sorry. That's why one of the items I wanted to buy in Hong Kong was a lightweight windbreaker that will protect me from the elements while keeping me cool and sweat-less inside. Function aside, it would be great if it came in a bright color too, one that will make all those gloomy days bright again.

While that last statement would admittedly be asking too much, I think I covered all the other bases with this great find at Hong Kong's Giordano store on Nathan Road. This lovely red windbreaker is quite the looker with its simple monochromatic scheme and quite useful too with its hideaway hoodie option. What I love most about it though is its barely-there weight. Perfect for the tropics and my damn hyperactive sweat glands!

Another Hong Kong bargain at only about P1,000!


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