The Happening: Hong Kong Hangover

After a long layoff, it's finally back to regular programming here at Styles I Love.Yup, I'm back, you guys, loaded with success stories about our tiring but oh so fulfilling trip to Hong Kong and its fabled sale season. Needless to say, I left with my feet destroyed, wallet empty, but my luggage overflowing with happiness. It's all I could have ever hoped for and more, and the experience made me contemplate going back to HK every August just to shop, shop, shop.

Anyhow, I was primarily on the hunt for basic pieces: Button-downs were atop the list, followed by trousers, basic Ts, shorts, and accessories. If the money permitted, I wanted to get some shoes and outerwear too. And boy, did it ever. The choices were so overwhelming that you won't know where to look first, making Hong Kong one of the most stylishly diverse cities I've been to with its unique understanding of personal style. Man, pay the place a visit. The sale's till end-August after all; plenty of time to book!

You damn right, it was spectacular!


elizar33 said...

nice! haven't tried HK sale... although I did go to SG for their great singapore sale...

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