The Happening: Cotton On, Found!

One of life's greatest mysteries is not finding what you want when you want it, but finding it by chance when you've stopped searching. It's quite the roller coaster, really, starting with frustration, then depression, and ultimately, satisfaction. Thus was the manner in how we found our first Cotton On store. After frantically searching for it in Day 1 of our trip, my girlfriend just happened to spot it while waiting at our meeting place in front of the Langham Place Mall in the Mongkok area on Day 2. I was on the phone with her when she discovered it, and I could just feel her eyes widen at the sight of the previously evasive signage.

For all the hype we've gotten about the value-for-money offerings that this store had, it sure didn't disappoint. Not only were they open until 1 in the morning (we got there around 11PM), but they also has enough goodies to browse through to last us until closing and probably even later. What first attracted me were the seersucker drawstring short shorts which my man Paolo sported when I took his picture before. Just P700 for that bad boy! Their basic shirts were steals too. Two well-made scoopneck shirts for only P720, that's crazy! Ah, life. You're often cruel, but sometimes - just sometimes - you're kind enough to give awesome surprises precisely like this.

Now I know how Indy feels after discovering treasures!

A handsome navy scoopneck which I got with a rose-colored one (not pictured)

My new favorite shorts of all time. Great fit and cut well above the knee!


elizar33 said...

love cotton on! I was in SG when they were on sale and some tshirts were priced at P300 only! amazing!

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