Style I Love: The Grown Up Backpack

I've been pretty adamant about my stand on grown men and backpacks. Just so you know, I'm mostly against it, owing to the inherently juvenile nature of those grade school staples. (Hell, I didn't like 'em even when one of my icons, Kanye West, sported one).

However, this one particular backpack I spotted on a gentleman in the MTR subway in Hong Kong has been forcing me to reconsider. What else can I say besides, "Wow, what a beaute." The pairing of the navy blue body and caramel brown detailing drove it home for me. I say, if you're going to wear a backpack, get one like this and we won't have a problem. Well, not really. There's always me, probably scheming on how to steal your oh so precious pack.


elizar33 said...

i rarely like backpacks cause I get sweaty backs from using them... but this one is a beauty!!!

Styles I Love said...

Oh, I am all too familiar with the feeling of the sweaty back! For this one, though, I'm willing to take the risk. :)

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