The Item: The Legendary "Take Ivy" Book

I'm not really a big book person, so the fact that I'm waiting for this one title to be made available here is pretty much a big deal. Oh, and did I mention that the book was first published in 1965? Yes, the cult-ish classic "Take Ivy" is going to be re-released in the United States on August 31 after a million-year wait and word has it it's been pre-selling like hotcakes already. Why not? New York Times called it "a treasure of fashion insiders" and rightfully so, as it features a chronicling of my favorite style decade unlike any other.

Here's the big idea: Four Japanese style enthusiasts went around America’s elite Ivy League universities and photographed the trademark trad look of the era. Simple enough, but the results were a lot more iconic than anyone could have hoped for. They took pictures of a time when style was truly authentic, when men didn't try too hard, and when the classic American look ruled above all. What amazed me more than anything was just how put-together every single subject was in the pictures. I guess those really were the good 'ole days, after all!

A lot of blogs already scanned the pages of this fabled compendium for our convenience, but the best you can find here, here, and here. Though these pictures may seem enough, I've been hearing a lot about the quality of the translated articles, so Fully Booked, Powerbooks, or National, please make it happen. I don't have the money to shell out $2,000 for the original copies on eBay, so the re-release asking price of $24.95 would be much more welcome! (Below's a preview and some hard-hitting recommendations for your further excitement).


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