The Women: Happy Halloween Heidi!

My favorite Halloween costume ever would have to be the chocolate suit worn by Heidi Klum. Good god, it is so her! I sure hope it catches on next year! The pic is from Rankin's Heidilicious book, which I must say, is the most appropriate book title ever.

Getting all the chocolate off her is a tough job, but someone has to do it!

The Happening: You Guys, You're Awesome!

I was checking my Statcounter just now and I was quite elated to see that my lil' ole' blogeroo already reached 50,000 visits! Needless to say, I thank all of you who continue to support. 50K may not be a lot compared to others, but it is for a blog which started with just 340 hits and 13 posts in the first month! I love it! You guys keep me writing. More posts and maybe a contest for the 100,000th visitor? I sure as hell owe it to you guys!

Feel free to fill up those zeroes at the left, dear readers!

The Happening: The Style of (500) Days

My girlfriend and I saw (500) Days of Summer over the weekend and yes, just like about everyone who watched it, we liked it too (okay, I loved it!). The story was by no means epic, nor did it try to be. It was but a simple chronicling of a love story between two people made interesting by the witty juxtaposition of the different emotions one feels while in a relationship (you know you've been there!).

Not your ordinary romantic comedy, so go watch!

I for one was hit by the ending, but in between the charming story and the manner in which it was presented, were the sweet clothes. I especially loved the wardrobe of Summer (the stunning Zoeey Deschanel). I actually found myself looking over to my girlfriend constantly to whisper how awesome she looked. Tom (the dashing Joseph Gordon-Levitt) hit the nail on the head when he said she loved the way she dressed. Vintage, but damn sexy, I'd say.

That is not to say Tom did not look nice. My boy, don't sell yourself too short. You didn't look too shabby yourself when you cleaned up. Sweet skinny ties galore and a clinic of how one should look in a suit. You may not have gotten what you thought you wanted in the end, but you have that one thing so many men aspire for: looking awesome in a suit with the least effort as possible.

The couple (?) looks quite fetching in this fine screen cap

Love the pattern of that skinny tie and how great it looks with the shirt

A wonderfully colored suit with yet another sweet tie would make me smile too!

The Item: Hiroshi Fujiwara Custom Rolex

I'm sure you've heard about the brazen robbery that took place one week ago in Greenbelt 5. Some dudes in bomb squad gear jacked up the Rolex store in broad daylight and took what was estimated to be a cool 6 million smackeroos worth of watches. Thankfully, no innocent bystanders were hurt (except for a robber who got shot in the head, of course), but the bad guys continue to roam free as of writing.

Now I'm not one to condone crime, but you have to admit the robbers knew what they were doing. If that's the case, they were probably even looking for these sweet Rolies from Hiroshi Fujiwara. Clearly, these ain't your grandpa's version with the pink second hand and the black on black colorway. Great watch aside, though, you should never take something that ain't yours. Lord knows that it's working for overpriced stuff that makes owning them all the sweeter!

Thankfully, no Fujiwara Rolexs have been stolen as of today

Photo courtesy of Hypebeast

The Rundown: Fashion Week Edition

  • Thrill of the Chase: Ziggy Savella's take on hunting attire, sans the murdered prey. {Style Anywhere}
  • You've Got Male: M. Barreto gives the fellas something to cheer about with a collection I regret having missed. {Cholo Dela Vega}
  • Front Row Jo Bro: This dude looks like the Jonas Brothers long lost sibling, only cooler. {El Bosquejo}
  • Needs More Revision: Penshoppe's by-invitation-only dinner/fashion show concept was great. The styling? Mmm. Not so much. {The Fash Pack}
Photo courtesy of

The Happening: A Fine Show, Gentlemen!

Group collections are aplenty in Fashion Week, but more often than not, only one or two designers really elevate themselves and make their mark. That said, my girlfriend and I agree that of the Premiere C lot that showed yesterday, the best collections were those of Ziggy Savella and Odelon Simpao.

Ziggy utilized what looked to be lots of chambray (you know I love 'em!) as Odelon played with a multitude of pastel colors like light blue, baby pink, and lots more in a way that just clicked. While they just breezed through their curtain call in a show of humility, I for one think they should've soaked up the well deserved applause. Lord knows some didn't earn it. But these two? Yeah, they get it.

Ziggy in jeans that reminded me of some pieces in his collection

Odelon using two key colors from his exhibition on his belt and shirt

The Happening: Bloggers at Fashion Week

More than an event where designers and brands show off their latest creations, Fashion Week is also a fine opportunity to meet people who have the same passion as I do. It was actually at last May's shows that I first met Dhon of Runway 2 Reality, Onin of Style Anywhere, and Khaz of Beautiful Things.

Today's shows were no different. I bumped into Dhon and Onin again as well as spoke to Cholo Dela Vega and Miguel Paolo Celestial of El Bosquejo for the very first time. I must say, this growing number of style/fashion bloggers is very encouraging. That's why I only post links of local writers in my Rundowns; to show that we Filipinos have something to say and what we have to say is worth reading. Okay, enough of this cheesiness now.

Miguel of El Bosquejo with his sweet fringed loafers

Dhon of Runway 2 Reality with his charming (and cheap!) bow tie

Cholo of um, Cholo Dela Vega, with his tight tortoise shell frames

P.S. I wasn't able to get a shot of you and your wonderful hair, Onin!

The Happening: The Runway's on Fire!

Sitting in the front row of a fashion show sure has its benefits. It doesn't happen everyday, but when it does and at the right show? Oh boy!

That's exactly what happened today when my girlfriend and I watched Jerome Salaya Ang's wonderful exhibition right next to the runway. We were treated to a close-up of the beautiful clothes, and as for the models? They were something else too! Any show that has both Ornusa Cadness and Teresa Herrera is always a success by me!

Teresa modeling hard

Ornusa + that ourfit = Damn!

The Store: 5cm

Finally. After months of trying, I finally got to document the greatness that is 5cm. Coming to us from the all-world fashionable streets of Hong Kong, the brand is a breath of fresh air to the local menswear scene with their trademark blend of classic pieces made interesting by some fine quirky details.

Finally! An official non-ninja style picture!

When I first entered the store, the first thing that caught my eyes were (surprise, surprise) the shoes. They're the first things I look for because more often than not, they're a good gauge about the quality and direction the store wants to achieve. Judging from their lineup, you could already see that the brand gets it. It's kicks have reached that elusive middle ground of sneakers that manage to look dressed up. Again, it's all about the details, baby!

These white wingtip sneakers are at the top of my list!

The black leather with touches of suede mesh together nicely

Ditto for these, but in white

Oh, and the clothes ain't half bad too. Just like the shoes, the blazers don't try to do too much, but still they make quite the statement. The fit is slim without being constricting and the interesting variations like a shorter cut and the lightweight cotton they used was exactly what I've been looking for. The basic shirts are nothing special. They just fit well, but what else can you ask for right?

Love the shorter blazer length more than anything!

The thin lapels streamline this one-buttoned number

Polka dot shirts, again. But why the hell not?

The sweet accessories are a just a bonus at this point, but still they're quite the treat. Some of the bags may look girly at first but do give them a chance. One look at the mirror of your manly self holding them bags will surprise you. Because they're fresh as hell and yeah, you can pull 'em off! The belts? They've got a lot of options too and there's no point in convincing you anymore. Just look at it. Understated awesomeness!

A tote I wouldn't mind calling my man bag

Ah, I'm a sucker for belts like this. Love the stripe!

My only beef with the brand is they aren't more accessible. Just two branches so far with one in Megamall and a freshly opened Mall of Asia branch just today? Well, at least they're taking a step in the right direction. The important thing is that they've brought their beautiful clothes here. The ball's in your court now, dear reader. Do yourself a favor and go check out what the hype has been about for all these months!

The Happening: Mega Atrium Launch

I know what you're thinking. Mega Atrium's been open for quite some time, right? By my count, it's been around for some months now, but if the Sy's want to have a damn launch, they're going to have it okay? It's their mall, after all. Some good publicity too for a lot of the deserving brands on that wing, like Style I Love favorites Fred Perry and 5CM.

The launch itself was your garden variety launch with a fashion show, a hot host (Angel Aquino), and free food, but I didn't mind dropping by. It was a great way to hype up what we already know; that Mega Atrium is the best place to be in what may probably be the most congested mall in the Metro.

Gotta love that giant Laurel logo

The Freds in full force (iffy about the girls' hair though)

One more picture moment

Damn, that prepubescent at the back is modeling hard!

The store owners who'll get richer with every penny you spend

The Item: Gap Chambray Shirt

I was kind of skeptical about this chambray number from Gap, but I should've known better with all the upgrades going on with Patrick Robinson at the helm. Some things just look better when you put them on, I reckon. I must say, the fit was amazing and the fabric was just oh so soft. They could've chosen a more grayish color though, but as it is, no real complaints here. Go cop it now for a fairly reasonable P2,250 (that is, if they're still in stock)!

Ah, Gap, you have taken me again

The Happening: 50th Manila F.A.M.E. International

My girlfriend and I love us some beautiful furniture. So there was no way we were going to pass up the golden installment of Manila F.A.M.E. International, the country's premiere design show which featured contemporary takes on classic home essentials.

So glad we caught it this time!

The whole event showcased the immense talent of Filipino furniture makers, one that is so sophisticated that I was left in awe at the craftsmanship of many of the pieces on display. It makes me wonder though why we aren't more known worldwide for our awesome furniture. Anyhow, I will now leave you to gawk at but a taste of the beautiful things we saw today.

Quirky Mushroom Lamps

The golden angel wings were a witty addition!

An asymmetrical love seat

Some words I'd love to post on my wall

A fresh take on rattan weaving

This would fit in well in the country home I don't have

I wanted to share a lot more snaps with you all, but some exhibitors are really timid (see paranoid) about their works, so drop by next year's April edition if you want to see the goods for yourself, up close and personal!

The Item: Timberland Nubuck Boots

Looking to add a twist to my regular lineup of shoes, I went into the Timberland SM Megamall shop to see if their trademark boots would fit the bill. I wasn't expecting much, but boy, did they ever deliver!

The bulk was a fun contrast to the slim jeans I was wearing and the mustard yellow leather nubuck gave that "just right" color statement I was looking for. The chocolate brown ankle padding is a sweet touch too. And it's stuff like this that prove we should never say never to some things, especially in this wonderful world of style.

It was the color and bulk that made me want these babies!

The Happening: Vintage Awesomeness, Part Deux

My girlfriend and I just got back from the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar and as was expected, it was full of amazing buys...for girls! While I don't mind watching my partner looking for something to splurge on (she bought a necklace), I was totally amused to find this one booth that sold some great vintage stuff, just like the one in Greenhills.

The only difference was that some of their items actually worked, making purchases all the more tempting. For one thing, they had a 50s camera that was fully functional. How awesome is that, right? The list doesn't end there, though, with old phones, typewriters, magazines, and even a samurai sword also on the chopping block.

The granddaddy of them all and it still works too!

This 40s phone from Holland first caught my eye. It still works too!

From a time where there was no backspace to save you from error

Too bad the gentlemen who run the booth don't have a regular store to showcase their wares. I'd be a regular visitor for sure! Till then, go check 'em out at the Moonlit Bazaar tomorrow to Sunday and who knows? You may just come home with a piece of history on your hands (and quite a big hole in your pocket).

Another sweet polaroid. I just can't get enough of 'em!

I've always wanted a record player like this at home

A busted up radio, but not bad for aesthetic purposes

The Art: Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind

If I were to live anywhere but Manila, in a heartbeat I'd definitely say New York. I just fell in love with the city. The whole vibe of it as a true melting pot of cultures, the awesome shopping, that was it for me. That's why Empire State of Mind, the fresh track from New York natives Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, especially appeals to me. It is quite simply the dopest ode to the greatest city in the world.

The Item: Opening Ceremony x Timberland Boots

Oh my lord. Opening Ceremony uses its Midas touch once again to give these typically thugtastic Timberland boots some newfound freshness. Those elastic laces are quite clever, don't you think? First Keds, now Timberland, what next? If they do something with Birkenstocks, I give up. They'll officially be the Jesus of the fashion world, bringing life to those which have disappeared into relative irrelevance.

Nice. I'm seriously considering adding some boots to my repertoire now

Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony

The Rundown

  • Will You Look at the Time: Cholo shares my love for God's greatest gift to broke men who love simple, clean aesthetics, the Casio MQ 24. {CDV}
  • At a Loss for Words: Makati Shangri-La brings emoticons to life with cakes that will get you nothing but >:DThe Fash Pack}
  • Sustainable Development: Some practical tips on how to look good without murdering Mother Nature. {The CityLifeStylist}
  • What Glitters Ain't Gold: Glistening cap toe bucks from the blogosphere's leading DIY artist. {The Dandy Project}
  • Even Mommy Approves!: 5CM's 2009 FW collection is so sweet that even young moms want a piece of the action. {Manila Fashion Observer}
  • It's That Time of the Year Again: The Philippine Fashion Week SS '10 is fast approaching, and oh, the government is putting on a show? {Runway 2 Reality}

The Item: Ray Ban Tortoise Shells

Remember my Ninoy post just the other day where I namedropped Bam Aquino? I was raving about the tortoise shell Ray Bans he had on that day, and I think I just might know where he bought them. It was the same place my girlfriend got me my Ray Ban browlines, Almeda Optical at Glorietta 4.

The branch has the most impressive Ray Ban opticals line-up I've seen so far and the recent addition of these tortoise shells just proves that they should be your go-to as well. Tortoise shells are not for everyone, but for the select few like Bam who can wear them with confidence, hats off to ya. It's people like you who break the monotony and make the world look just a little bit better!

The toned down wayfarer shape makes these look more professor than poser

Almeda Optical
2/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila

Style I Love: The Half Tuck

If you're a regular reader, by now, you know what my preferences are. Simple looks that bring attention to the things that matter - that's my jam right there. So naturally, this gentleman's look would catch my attention if nobody else's.

Notice the perfect fit of his shorts and shirt, the soothing shirt color, the sockless worn out oxfords, but most importantly, pay attention to his belt. This weaved beaute was made visible to us by the subtlest of half-tucks that I did not even notice until he turned the corner. It's little quirks like this that make an outfit interesting. Just imagine how his whole ensemble would look like if he let the belt hide behind the pink shirt. A bit more ho-hum, yes? I say kudos to your added effort, sir!

The half-tuck execution was flawless

The Happening: Oh My, Ornussa!

Oops? Someone obviously did not do his homework for Rogue and Uno because they had the same cover model for their October issues, not that I'm complaining. The mix-up gave us a double dose of the beautiful Ornusa Cadness in various states of undress, did it not?

Anyhow, you're probably wondering who won the cover war. Well, I have Uno down on my card for two obvious reasons (c'mon now!). As for the spread, I've yet to read both mags, so feel free to check 'em out and tell me which Ornussa is hotter, as if it really matters. All I can say is, "Damn!"

Photos courtesy of Uno and Rogue