The Store: Ben Sherman

I've been noticing lately that I gravitate a lot towards British brands. I mean, by now you must probably know about my love for Fred Perry. Not so well-documented in this blog, however, is my affection for the other top mod choice: Ben Sherman. Founded in 1963 by Arthur Bernard Sugarman, it has found its way to Manila about 2 years ago via their beautiful branch in Shangri-La Mall.

The Ben Sherman store in Shangri-La

Admittedly not a new store by any means, I just felt like I owe it to the owners to write about it. You see, ladies and gents, I am a big fan of interior design. And the Ben Sherman store clearly thought a great deal about theirs. Houndstooth accents on the doorway, funky pieces (see the union jack chairs), and splashes of the mod lifestyle all around (the Vespa scooter!) - this is how you create the right shopping atmosphere. In my opinion, one of the best I've been to, and I haven't even talked about the clothes yet.

Houndstooth table, union jack chairs, tarnished logo - I love it!

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Peep the awesome wallpaper of their changing room!

Indeed, more than the expert design of the stores, the brand is all about fine clothing. And what I love about Ben Sherman is how youthful their clothes feel. I attribute it mostly to their use of patterns and color, at which they're one of the best in the game. I singled out the polo below for its unusual graphic.

The big circles are mesmerizing...

The check pattern on the driving cap is a nice touch

When it comes to fit, their shirts are spot on. Not suffocating, but slimming. And when it features such nice twists like this striped minimal rounded button-down collar, it makes its offerings all the more irresistible.

Button-down collars are a personal favorite

The same shirt zoomed out: might just come back for it!

While lacking in footwear options, I did like the few they had. I loved one especially, though. Reminiscent of a post I did some weeks back but from a different brand, I discovered this beautiful mash-up of a sneaker and a boat shoe that was very seamlessly executed.

Can't remember the name of the shoe, but I've not forgotten what it looks like!

Above everything in this great store, I have to say that my favorite was the Ben Sherman and Baracuta Harrington jacket collaboration. Already making an appearance in a previous post last week, these babies will cost a pretty penny, but, strangely, you won't wonder why. Two classic brands teaming up to offer an iconic piece? Man, you gotta shell out for that.

Ben Sherman x Baracuta = Unparalleled Awesomeness!

Overall, Ben Sherman gets checks for every standard I have for a clothing store: Fit, innovation, quality, interior design, a great staff, and excellent service; theirs is an establishment that feels fresh and new every time I visit. If by some ungodly way you haven't yet, drop on by and prepare to be hooked to the fine point of British style.

The pants display against the cool houndstooth wall

The Vespa and a beautiful blue shirt

Another Ben x Baracuta sighting + a fine madras shirt

Carlo of Ben Sherman looking cool in casual garb

3/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(+632) 638.5873


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