The Guide: Roll 'Em Up in Style!

A dear friend of mine made an interesting remark about my rolled up jeans the other day. She goes "Hanep. Naka-John Lloyd pants ka yata ah?" Quite perplexed, I quickly replied, "Baka si John Lloyd and naka-Bobby pants!" Indeed, while many attribute the rise of the look to the dashing actor, I would like to make it clear that I've been folding my pants way before he did. And as it was, so did the rest of the world.

Admitting to be a bit late myself, I've seen pictures of the look way back in January of last year. And what was initially thought to be a trend has been quite the mainstay in this fleeting world of fashion. And so I ask: Was it due to the influence of Thom Browne, the man who made cropped pants cool? Or was it global warming that drove us to find ways to cool ourselves by any means necessary? Whatever the reason, rolling up's a great way to put a fresh spin on even the most basic of looks.

The shirt/cardigan/boat shoes look made interesting with the roll-ups

What's even better about it: Pulling it off is not as challenging as it seems! You just need that initial courage to tell yourself you don't look like a fool with your pants up. Or a farmer. Or a foolish farmer. I say just go with it, bruh. Build up your confidence because wherever you go, you will get looks; some from those who hate and some from those who appreciate.

Do you think this guy thought twice about rolling it up?

Only when you have gone over this hump that we can discuss the secondaries. This of course includes how high the fold should be. For me, a general rule I follow is to have it at around 3 inches above the ankle part of the shoe at the very highest. That's the ceiling and everywhere below that is a comfort zone. A bit higher and I'd wonder why I just didn't wear shorts to begin with.

As for the shoes, go with minimalist or classic models. Plimsolls, boat shoes, loafers, even oxfords make for a great pairing, as long as you don't wear socks. I believe the appeal of the whole look lies in the fact that you see extra skin where you shouldn't and socks would totally defeat that point. It can be done, however, but it's tricky as hell and only the most skilled cats out there can pull it off. If you're one of them, by all means be my guest. I, on the other hand, will be sockless all the way.

Notice how those sockless white sneaks match the tweaked pants?

So there, with this post, I hope this is the end of the idea that this whole phenomenon came from John Lloyd. The man dresses well, I know. But if more and more men do it the right way and even spice it up with their own flavor, people won't ever think he started it. It'd look so good on y'all that people will even mistake you for coming up with this awesomeness. So have at it and roll 'em up, gents!

A little folding goes a long, long way

Photos courtesy of In Her Eyes and A Continuous Lean


khaz of beautiful things said...

cropped pants are one of my favourite style statements

Styles I Love said...

yes, cropped pants are cool, figuratively and literally. :)

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